Volvant covers you in all phases of the project life cycle: from the analysis of the solution, through to development and implementation, we always offer a professional warranty that includes support and maintenance.

Warranty developments

On launch of the application/project, Volvant’s exclusive warranty service becomes active. During the warranty period, Volvant is responsible for faults that may occur with the system. At the end of this period, the customer has the option to extend the support and maintenance service, as required by their business needs.

Some of the services included in the warranty we offer in our projects are:

  • An engineer assigned to your account who knows your project and is able to make appropriate modifications on the web.
  • Support by phone and / or in person (as appropriate) to resolve issues.
  • Training sessions on the implementation for your personnel.
  • A guaranteed maximum response time for non-critical incidents of 24 hours, 4 hours for urgent matters. Optional 24×7.
  • Option package of hours for making small changes involving brief technical interventions at a very competitive price.
  • Professional advice: providing solutions to help you achieve the goals set.


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