As a successful software engineering company, Volvant specializes in using a variety of technologies to integrate, develop and customize the projects entrusted to us by our clients:

  • Microsoft .NET: Cutting edge technology with proven reliability and established as the leading standard of software development for both web and desktop environments. Volvant began to work with version 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 long before it appeared on the market.
  • Flash: Technology for creating RIAs. We have several years of experience in the creation of applications and video streaming services.
  • Cloud computing: The concept of cloud as a service and not as a system and the development of this technology have led to Volvant developing customizations on platforms such as Salesforce, Xero, Amazon.

The success of a website is based on intelligent strategy and correct alignment with business goals.

Strategic Consulting

With our proven experience of multiplying the return on investment, Volvant’s strategic consulting services can offer tangible benefits to your business.

From your business idea, we can work with you to define the scope of the project, identifying significant factors that delimit the necessary functionality, technical system design, promotion and resources for each project phase.

We can help resolve issues such as:

  • Why do I not interest clients from the Web?
  • What role can social networks play and how do I to take advantage of them?
  • How can I reduce costs and improve service to my customers?
  • Why does my website only have a small number of visits?

Volvant can work with you to:

  • Define tangible short and long term goals.
  • Analyze the main competition.
  • Define an appropriate architecture for the site content.
  • Define the best UX (user experience) for both desktop and mobile sites.
  • Design a navigation system in line with the site objectives.
  • Establish indicators to measure the achievement of objectives.

Defining a strategy is vital to the success of your website and is therefore the first step we take in all our web projects. Experience, involvement, knowledge and an innovative platform for web projects are our secret ingredients for success.

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