How “Likes” & strong ties align with purchase loyalty.

| March 13, 2012

We’re now seeing powerful examples of how targeting the right social media audience with a relevant message pays off.  Here’s one profound example.

ComScore data indicates that consumers who indicate they “Like” a retailer on Facebook — and the Facebook  friends of these consumers –are more likely to buy from that retailer than consumers who aren’t fans, or friends of fans.

The company studied the buying influence wrought by fans and their friends for Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy. It found that consumers who directly “Like” one of those retailers on Facebook are more likely to buy from that retailer than a consumer who has no affiliation with the retailer on Facebook.

Consumers who “Like” Walmart are 40% more likely to make purchases from Walmart.  But what’s surprising is that their friends on Facebook are 25% more likely to make a buy from Walmart, too, versus other consumers who have no social media relationship to the brand, directly or through a social peer.

Gian Fulgoni, chairman of Comcore, explained…

“These results show the degree to which the friends of fans will over-index in their likelihood to buy from a retailer…This is about the amplification of reach, and it is a powerful way for any marketer to impact their business.”

Brands like Walmart and Target are experts at positioning themselves against core consumers, and at staying on-message all the time, at every point of contact.  So their social media messaging and promotions are always relevant to that audience.  That’s a textbook example of how to leverage strong ties to drive recommendations, word-of-mouth and sales.  The same lessons apply to any size business: stay relevant, stay on-message, and target the right individuals: good prospects with strong ties.


| March 13, 2012